Twitter Changes Its Algorithm to Match Facebook and Google

For those of us who endlessly find ourselves unconsciously scrolling through our Twitter feeds, we’re usually on the look out for something that’s trending, breaking or just the latest update from someone we have our eye on. It’s this chronological sorting that we’ve come to love, and the unique point-of-difference that Twitter has had over Facebook, since the platform changed its algorithms a little while ago.


But the announcement that Twitter will start showing tweets “out of order” comes as a disappointing headline for many, including myself–Twitter’s ability to NOT be like Facebook is its biggest appeal.

What’s going on?

In order to cater to more audiences’ tastes and interests, Twitter is considering rolling out its new feed algorithm to show only the most relevant and popular tweets to serve to that particular user. For professionals and spectators of the SEO field, this is something we know all too well, and Facebook long ago started to incorporate this aspect into its own operations.

Unfortunately, though, Twitter will serve up this new order to users as early as next week, ditching its focus on “timely tweets” to deliver the most suited and trending.

It’s been a long time coming

For loyal audiences of the platform, its a dreaded roll-out, but for those working for the giant, it’s been sitting in the pipeline for a looooooooooong time. In 2014, Twitter announced its interest in this new feature and trialled it amongst several audience groups.  It’s results clearly indicated it could become a beneficial approach for the company’s future, despite the public disdain.

Not sure if Facebook, or Google?

Okay, so this action comes after the direct message character limits were eliminated and embedded Periscope videos began to show up as auto-playing content in feeds–so there’s definitely been a few changes to indicate a revamp for a fair while now. But as the platform continues to shift and “evolve”, more and more users are questioning if the company is looking to adapt its ways to be more inline with Facebook and Google, or if its just getting bored in general. Whatever the case, the announcement came with the trending hashtag #RIPTwitter and thousands of users jumping onboard to protest, but CEO Jack Dorsey quickly let them know, that wasn’t the intention.

-1x-1Not next week, he says. But it’s still on the agenda.

What do you think?


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