About Cassie

 Although she be but little, she is fierce.

Cassandra McBlane is a published author, accomplished writer, established blogger, editor and content marketing expert. Recently graduating from Deakin University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional and Creative Writing (with Distinction), Cassandra moved on to found and launch Blaire Magazine – an online pop-culture publication. After extreme success in the span of six months as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Cassandra provided the publication with constant mentorship and substance. She then stepped down from the position, to complete her Master’s of Communication at Deakin University, as well as run The Little Black Press as Editor and Founder.


Appearing on A Current Affairan Australian news program, in 2007, Cassandra talked of her writing on girls and self-esteem, after it took to the public eye and gained attention by Channel Nine. The segment allowed Cassandra to voice her opinion on the alterations of images in publications, and the portrayal of the “perfect female body”.

Cassandra’s drive and success to be a known individual in media and journalism, as well as her passion for the art of writing, has given her the daily task to succeed further than her current standings. Her extensive experience in business, publication, media, journalism, communications and general writing, gives her a versatile appeal to the world of employment.

Cassandra has since moved on to fulfill the roles of Communications and Media Coordinator at Crowd Media, and her present position as Content Manager at global digital agency, WME. Leading a team of talented writers, Cassandra continues to look for ways to break new ground in the field of content marketing, paving her way through social media strategies, one step at a time. Cassandra has a loyal and extensive following on many social media platforms, gaining her a respectable reputation as a representative of the digital space.

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